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Case Files – Brain Injury Survivor Determined to Hike Continental Divide Trail

Any form of injury can be life-changing if it is severe enough. Aside from the physical effects caused by serious injuries, coming to terms with a disability can have a huge effect on the victim’s mood and self-confidence, Despite this, many survivors in South Carolina and across the U.S. make remarkable progress in the wake of their accidents, determined not to let their injuries hold them back.

A prime example of this is a young woman determined to conquer the Continental Divide Trail, despite still suffering the effects of a brain injury from 2005. She has a constant headache, reduced immune system and experiences regular pain throughout her body. Nevertheless, she has learned to cope with these problems, which earlier had driven her to the brink of suicide.

As a high school freshman, she was participating in a water polo tournament when she was struck in the temple by an elbow. The injury knocked her unconscious, but initial diagnoses suggested that she had suffered simply a mild concussion. Sadly, this was not the case, and the 15-year-old girl had her life transformed. She found herself in constant pain and often subject to sensory overload, as her brain could no longer filter out unimportant information.

She claims her Jack Russell puppy saved her life, giving her the strength to keep going at a point when she was moments away from a sleeping pill overdose. After years of therapy, support and determination, she finally graduated, but in that same year she was diagnosed with melanoma, requiring 11 surgeries. Still, her resolve won out, and in 2012 she discovered her love of hiking. She still requires checkups for further signs of melanoma and has to self-inject neurosteroids, but she intends to complete the trail.

For brain injury sufferers in South Carolina, this girl serves as an inspiration. Sadly, however, her case also illustrates the potential damage such injuries can cause. If you or a loved one have suffered head trauma, you may want to seek compensation to cover the cost of your care. An attorney can be of valuable assistance in seeking the remuneration you deserve. If you have been injured and need advice on your options, contact us to set up a free consultation.