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Case Files – Baby Gates Can Lead to Child Injuries

To a small child, the world is an exciting place, full of places to explore and things to investigate. Unfortunately, babies, infants, and toddlers have little concept of the dangers that might surround them and this can lead to serious injuries. As parents in South Carolina know, children require constant attention, even when safety equipment has been installed. A recent study has highlighted the prevalence of child injury in situations where a baby gate has been employed.

According to the study, child injuries in relation to baby gates have come close to quadrupling since 1990. Although these gates are designed to prevent children from getting to things that might cause them harm, the gates themselves can be a hazard. Children fall from them, get stuck in them, or are even strangled by them. The statistics show an alarming average of five incidents a day between 1990 and 2010.

Children older than two were found to be inclined to climb gates, leading to falls. This is even more serious if it happens at the top of a staircase. The resulting injuries can range from simple bumps and bruises, to broken bones, or head trauma. According to the statistics, more than 16 percent of the injuries occurring in gate-related accidents were traumatic brain injuries. This type of damage can affect a child for the rest of its life and potentially result in the need for long-term care.

The risk of a child getting stuck in a gate is another major concern. At best, it can be distressing for the child, especially if the child is stuck for some time before being realized, or if emergency services are required to extricate the child. At worst, the infant could suffer bruising or even strangulation, something that was particularly common with accordion-style gates. These gates have since been banned from sale.

These statistics provide a worrying insight for parents in South Carolina. It is all too easy for a child to come to serious harm. If your child is hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence, compensation may help you cover the costs of care and recovery. An attorney can guide you to choose the best path for you. If you or your child have been injured in an accident and need advice on your options, contact us to set up a free consultation.

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