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Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

School is back in session and there is an increase in traffic during the mornings and afternoon that can be dangerous no matter how you get to school. Whether you drive, bus or walk to school, there are several safety tips you should take into consideration as the school year begins.

A car accident attorney will tell you that most accidents happen in situations that are unfamiliar or new to the driver. To prevent any potential accidents on your first day of school, try practicing the route first. This will make both you and your child more comfortable when the first day comes.

For children that ride the bus, there are specific safety tips to keep them safe. While some older school buses don’t have them, most new busses are equipped with seatbelts. Make sure your child understands that if the bus does have seatbelts, they should be used. It’s also important that your child remains seated while on the bus. Bus drivers should also remain undistracted and focused while driving.

When walking to school, ensure your child understands the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. Even this simple gesture can ensure a safer trip.

For older children who bike to work, it’s important to abide by the proper pedestrian and bike rules that are followed. This means walking their bike across the crosswalk and yielding to pedestrians. Bikes are more likely to get into accidents with cars than pedestrians. Understanding that accidents happen, it’s important to speak with a car accident attorney if you hit a biker or pedestrian, as there are different rules and regulations for drivers vs. bikers.

If your child is injured in an accident while on their way to school, contact a car accident attorney who can inform you of your rights and advocate on your behalf. The law offices of John Price are here to help along the way.