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Car Accident Statistics in South Carolina

South Carolina is well-known for being home to a significant number of car accidents. South Carolina has been considered the second most dangerous state to drive in, with an average of 20.7 deaths per 100,000 people.

In this article, we will touch upon key accident facts, driver factors contributing to car accidents, and total collisions in the state, among other data available for 2021.

Key Accident Facts

In 2021, South Carolina experienced:

Driver Factors Contributing to South Carolina Car Accidents

The top causes of car accidents in the Palmetto State in 2021 (the most recent year available) were:

Number of Car Accidents in South Carolina

South Carolina had 147,724 collisions in 2021, resulting in 1,198 deaths and 53,596 injuries. In fatal crashes, the driver contributed to 82.73% of these collisions, with the driver being the cause of non-fatal crashes in 92.04% of incidents.

Demographics of Drivers Involved in Crashes

Drivers in serious injury and fatal collisions comprised the following ages and genders:

Serious Injury Collisions

Ages 25-29: Female=169 Male=323 Total=492

Ages 20-24: Female=164 Male=274 Total=438

Ages 30-34: Female=126 Male=295, Total=421

Ages 35-39: Female=119 Male=224 Total=343

Ages 45-49: Female=103 Male=220 Total=323

Fatal Injury Collisions

Ages 25-29: Female=66 Male=144, Total=210

Ages 20-24: Female=54 Male=142 Total=196

Ages 30-34: Female=50 Male=139 Total=189

Ages 40-44: Female=38 Male=108 Total=146

Ages 35-39: Female=51 Male=94 Total=145

Accident Rates Based on Time/Day/Month

There are certain times of the day when drivers are more at risk of getting into a car accident. In 2021, the most crashes occurred between 3 to 6 pm, totaling 35,885. However, the most fatal traffic accidents occurred between 6 to 9 pm, with a total of 211.

Certain days of the week prove to be more dangerous. Fridays had the most collisions, totaling 25,396, with Saturdays having the highest number of fatal collisions at 201.

As for times of the year, October had the highest number of traffic collisions at 14,632. August had the highest number of fatal traffic collisions, totaling 112.

Impaired Driving in South Carolina

Besides distracted and speeding drivers, the state also has an issue with intoxicated drivers. In 2021 alone, there were over 400 fatalities that can be attributed to an impaired motorist.

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