Car Accident Lawyer | Your Smart Phone Can Help You Handle Auto Accidents Properly

Even for seasoned drivers, the time after an auto accident can be frustrating and confusing, involving numerous individuals such as police, emergency workers, or even angry drivers at the scene. You have certain basic responsibilities to help ensure injuries are addressed — and to collect the evidence needed to file an effective claim for compensation. Thanks to smart phone apps, you now have a means for making sure you handle all required details, stay organized — and even protect your identity.

There are a number of smart phone apps available to guide you through an auto accident. One such app recommended by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is called WreckCheck. Once you install this app and enter basic information about your vehicle and insurance coverage, this program uses the power of your phone to walk you through all required steps, such as the following:

  • Immediate data collection from the moment you start a new report, including the time of the accident and the location based on global positioning system information in your phone
  • A checklist that walks you through the required steps and provides tools for taking photos and audio recordings, recording what happened, and providing advice on what information you can share without releasing information that can encourage identity theft
  • Information collection options that let you gather information about everyone involved in the accident, including contact information for witnesses
  • Email capabilities that allow you to quickly send a report to yourself, your insurance agent or even to an attorney who can help you determine the best next steps based on your specific circumstances.

While you can handle many minor accidents effectively through a simple insurance claim, serious accidents may require significant legal assistance. Sending your accident report to an experienced Charleston auto accident attorney prior to an initial consultation provides lawyers with the information needed to identify the best legal route to pursue compensation for your case.

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