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4 Apps to Prevent Teen Drivers from Texting

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According to the Center for Disease Control, six teens ages 15-19 die every day from injuries sustained in car accidents. In 2015, 2,333 teens were killed in motor vehicle collisions and a shocking 221,313 were rushed to the emergency room for treatment. These statistics are frightening to any parents, especially when your teen first starts driving on their own or with inexperienced friends. However, parents can monitor their children’s driving and help prevent distracted driving with sophisticated applications. Here are four noninvasive apps that will help you protect your child and open up a dialogue between you.


This app allows you to lock your children’s phones while they are behind the wheel. The app will also notify you once your child has reached his or her destination safely. If your child manually unlocks his or her phone while driving, you will be informed. It’s easier to have a conversation with your teen about texting when you are aware of their driving habits. Lifesaver is secure, convenient, and able to reward safe driving.

AT &T DriveMode

To instantly silence incoming calls and alerts, send automatic text message replies that let friends and family know you’re driving, and to use navigation and music with one control, install DriveMode. The app automatically turns on when it senses that your child is travelling above 15 miles per hour, and will send a notification to parents if your teen disables or turns off the app.

Cell Control

Available for Android and iOs, Cell Control is one of the most sophisticated driving apps available. In addition to working as an app on your phone, Cell Control also uses a patented device called Driver ID that is installed under the rearview mirror. Drive ID allows the owner to view all drivers from one dashboard, block sending and receiving text messages, speed reports, and harsh brake monitoring. While this app is popular with trucking and logistics companies, you can use it for your family if you have reason to suspect dangerous driving.

OMW: On My Way

If you’re running late or arriving early, it’s tempting to pick up your phone to let your friend or boss know you’re on your way. With OMW app, you can invite your friends follow your trip and track your progress in real-time. Once you’ve arrived, the app will also notify them. Your teen will likely appreciate a “cooler” app that doesn’t send the automatic “I’m driving” responses like other apps.

As a parent, two of the best approaches for preventing your children from developing dangerous driving habits is to set a good example and establish open communication. Children that observe their parents texting and driving are more likely to emulate their behavior. Have honest conversations with your children about the dangers of distracted driving and encourage them to discuss their driving practices with you.

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