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This year, it’s no surprise that many families are feeling the urge to decorate for the holidays a little sooner than usual. Good Housekeeping reports that doing so may lift your spirits due to “a technique psychologists call savoring, a way to fully absorb life’s special moments.” Tapping into childhood memories and the holiday spirit may increase your excitement levels. While relishing in playfulness and finding more joy, don’t forget to prioritize safety. As lawyers in Summerville, we’re sharing pointers for safely decorating for the holidays. We hope you have a bright season full of blessings.


Holiday Fire Hazards

Decorating a Christmas tree is a tradition many families look forward to each year. Before you purchase, cut down or unpack this year’s tree, take some time to brush up on fire safety. These National Fire Protection Association facts may surprise you:

  • Christmas trees start an average of 160 home fires each year
  • Of these fires, 44 percent were tied to electrical distribution or lighting equipment
  • In 25 percent of these fires, a heat source (candle or equipment) was “too close to the tree”
  • More than 20 percent of Christmas tree fires were started on purpose

Wondering what you can do to lower tree fire risk? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following:

  • Checking for a “fire resistant” label on your artificial tree
  • Properly preparing and watering your live tree (cut two inches from the trunk for “better water absorption”)
  • Ensuring there is adequate space between your tree and hazards such as fireplaces, radiators and sources of heat

Other holiday fire hazards to be aware of include decorations being too close to a heat source, candles leading to household fires, fires in the kitchen from cooking and holiday fireworks fires.


Holiday Lights
Who doesn’t love a home beautifully adorned in glowing holiday lights? Before you go shopping or test out last year’s lights, do your research. Lowes has a helpful holiday light guide on their website that covers everything from planning your design to choosing the right lights and safe installation. A few of their tips:

  • Be mindful of your surfaces (gutter thickness and shingle flexibility)
  • Always use “UL-approved extension cords designed specifically for outdoor use”
  • Select lights that are safe for indoor/outdoor use
  • Review manufacturer’s guidelines and err on the side of caution

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