Celebrating 30 Years of the John Price Law Firm

Here at the John Price Law Firm, we are celebrating our 30 years of legal service. Founded by practicing lawyer John Price in 1988, the John Price Law Firm has represented clients all over the state of South Carolina. From Charleston and the tri-county area to Berkeley, Orangeburg, Columbia, Florence and Darlington counties and beyond,…


How Emotions Affect Driving

In the US, nine people die every day because of distracted driving. While most forms of distracted driving are preventable, emotions are less preventable and can be just as distracting. April is both Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Stress Awareness Month. This April, we want to bring attention to how emotions, like stress, can lead…


Who’s Legally at Fault in Car Accidents

Driver negligence or recklessness are the main factors that determine who is legally at fault for an accident. Failure to exercise reasonable care while driving, such as pulling out in front of someone or tailgating, can make you legally responsible for an accident. In South Carolina, whoever is at fault for the collision must pay…


Distracted Driving Awareness Month – What You Need to Know

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on our roadways. According to the National Safety Council, 40,000 people were killed on US roadways last year. Distracted driving is a major contributing factor to these accidents. April was named Distracted Driving Awareness month to raise awareness and help people recognize and eliminate distracted…