Tips for Biking to Work

Looking for a way to beat the morning traffic? Try biking to work. There are many advantages to biking rather than driving to work. Beside beating morning traffic, you’ll save money on gas and get your exercise for the day, all while being environmentally conscious.

But before you pedal off to the office, brush up on these rules of the road.

Ride on the Road

While it may seem safer to ride a bike on the sidewalk, it’s actually more dangerous due to for  pedestrians. Not to mention, riding on the sidewalk is illegal. Only children under the age of twelve should ride on the sidewalk; adults may be charged a $50 fee. Stay on the road and follow the flow of traffic by biking on the right side of the road and remaining close to the curb.

Learn Hand Signals

Similar to driving a car, you should always use turn signals in order to avoid an accident. If you are turning right, hold your right arm straight out to your side. If you are turning left, make an ‘L’ shape with your arm. Knowing these signals will help you stay safe on the road, and it’s also being considerate to other drivers.

Wear a Helmet

Even though you may not want to wear a helmet, you need to in case of a collision. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 97 percent of bicyclists involved in an accident in 2015 died because they were not wearing a helmet. In order to have a safe commute to and from work, purchase a helmet.

Charleston is a great place to bike to work, particularly if you live and work in the same area, like downtown Charleston. Bike lanes exist on many of the Lowcountry’s major roadways and bridges. Check out this interactive bike map of the city to help you plan your route.

Before you bike to work or near busy roads, be sure to brush up on South Carolina’s bicycle laws. If you’re injured in a bicycle accident, the John Price Law Firm may be able to help. We have locations all across South Carolina in North Charleston, Summerville and Columbia with satellite offices in Holly Hill and Myrtle Beach. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.